Finding the Keys to Change: How Visible and Invisible Structures Create Patterns in Organizations

Esther Derby (esther derby associates, inc.)

Half-day workshop - in english

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Most people want to improve results in their organizations. Managers seek the optimum arrangement of people, processes, and work to achieve goals—creating new teams, new departments, new reporting relationships. These changes can have a dramatic effect, though often not the one desired. Teams work to improve their practices and processes or resolve not to repeat a mistake, but find that not much changes.

It’s easy to say that a change was ill-conceived, ill-designed, scuttled by resisters, or that people simply lacked will. While that is sometimes true, even a sound idea will fail when it doesn’t take into account the informal and invisible structures that pervade organizational life. Seeing the hidden structures opens possibilities for action and avoids pitfalls.

In this session, we’ll do a simple simulation and then analyze patterns of behavior based on the visible and invisible structures at play. You will learn how structures drive patterns of behavior and how small changes to can make a big difference. You'll see new possibilities for positive change--whether you are manager or a team member.

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Target audience: Everyone

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