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Jonas Söderström (Jonas Söderström)

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Creating the best digital design in the world: the Scandinavian opportunity

Elegant, functional, minimalist, democratic, mass-produced. These are the words typically associated with Scandinavian design from its golden age - the age of world-famous chairs, lamps and kitchenware.

But in today’s digital world … we seem to have squandered this heritage.

Too much software today just sucks. Too many digital products leave us frustrated and disappointed. This is particularly true of enterprise software - the systems we have to use at work, that too often make you want to scream ”Stupid bloody system!”

There’s a huge global market for digital products that take on this challenge - and it’s not just about appearance. It' s about the best democratic ideals and traditions, about empowerment and independence. And it's waiting for you to claim it.

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